Power plant water treatment

Power plants, like any other industry, aim to run the production process as economically as possible and though fulfilling the environmental requirements.

Water is needed in power plants to move the energy released from fuel in steam boiler to the turbines and further to the generators which convert it into electric energy. Thus, water plays a central role in energy production. Operating life and efficiency of the major power plant equipment, i.e. boilers and turbines, can be remarkably increased and the need of maintenance decreased by ensuring adequate purity of the water. Therefore water technologies of power plants are continuously being further developed and improved worldwide. We actively keep up with the march of technology in order to be ready to apply the newest solutions. Our partners are leading companies in the world.

Econet Ltd provides state-of-the-art and tested in practice technical solutions for all kind of water treatment of power plants.

Our tailored products are:
- Water softening using ion exchange method
- Water softening by filtration or precipitation
- Decreasing or increasing of water alkalinity
- Production of make-up water for steam boiler using ion exchange method
- Make-up water production by membrane filtration
- Removal of organic material traces from make-up water by means of ultraviolet radiation
- Removal of oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler feed water by thermal deaeration
- Removal of oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler feed water by membrane filtration
- Removal of oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler feed water by chemical dosing
- Control of boiler water and steam properties by chemical dosing
- Purification of condensate by filtration or ion exchange
- Purification of cooling water
- Sampling collection, cooling and analyzing systems of water and steam


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