Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We have planned and implemented industrial wastewater treatment projects in numerous pulp and paper factory wastewater treatment plants around the world, including Metsä-Botnia Joutseno Pulp Mill, Stora Enso Anjala and Veitsiluoto Paper Mills and UPM Kaipola Paper Mill in Finland, Hyltebruk Paper Mill in Sweden, UPM Changshu Paper Mill  in China, Mondi Kraft Paper Mill in South Africa, Orion Pulp Mill in Uruguay, and Veracel Pulp Mill in Brazil.


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

We implement construction, expansion and renovation projects for municipal wastewater treatment plants, either as main contracts with overall delivery, or as partial contracts for instance by supplying machinery and equipment or piping. The contracts are pre-planned by the client, or we plan and implement them as turnkey deliveries. Our wastewater treatment plant projects vary in size from small community plants to some of Finland’s largest municipal wastewater treatment plants.

In recent years, we have built new wastewater treatment plants and carried out renovation work in many principal cities in South and South-West Finland, but also in China, Russia and the Baltic countries.


Leachate Water Treatment

Leachate water is dirty and difficult to process  - water that has been in contact with waste in landfills and waste processing areas.

We implement different kinds of treatment solutions for harmful leachate water. The most important of these projects has been the leachate water recycling system at Ämmässuo waste treatment plant in Espoo.  We have implemented  a process contract for recycled water plant and a turn-key contract for recycling system on a decommissioned landfill. The Contracts were ordered by HSY Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut -kuntayhtymä (the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority).


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