ESCU is a smart remote reading unit and a leakage guard. All the measurement information can be distributed freely and utilized in different solutions. Due to the cloud service all you need is a browser to watch real-time data of water consumption, quality and pressure. All units work independently using the mobile network. They can be equipped with batteries and an external antenna.

You’ll receive information about deviations or problems immediately!

Because every unit works independently, ESCU is a perfect option for individual metering wells as well as for thousands of properties and apartments. You can freely up-scale the solution for example during network maintenance or repair.

The location does not matter, because the mobile network covers practically all areas.

ESCU enables you to use your old meter or sensor. The units fit together with any meter equipped with an impulse reader or sensors with current or voltage output.

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Econet does it for you – from installment to maintenance. You can do it yourself also and we will train and assist you.


Econet takes care of the equipment i.e. maintains and replaces. You can do this yourself too and we will train you in maintenance.


Remote surveillance is a long term investment. You may also rent the equipment and services.




ESCU is short for Econet Smart Cellular Unit. It is a data transfer unit equipped with an integrated antenna and a gprs-modem, which is designed for remote reading of water consumption. ESCU can be connected to any water meter equipped with an impulse reader or actually any pulse sending sensor.



There is not always electricity network available close to the water meters or the mobile network signal is weak. For those cases we can equip the units with five or ten year or even fifteen year battery packages, solar panels and external antennas. We will supply those and test them for you before delivery.


3X Water


Real-time monitoring helps to reduce unnecessary consumption and detects leaks.

Real-time monitoring detects possible deviations, defect equipment and leaks in the water network.

By measuring the water quality continuosly you know that the water treatment fullfills the demands given by the authorities.


  • 01.02.2018
    New contact person of the sales of Asia

    Siri Dahanayake, who worked as an area sales manager of Asia at Dewaco, shifts to entrepreneurship starting from 2.1.2018. In the future, Arash Ghiashvand will be in charge of the sales of Asia.

  • 30.11.2017
    Smart Water was chosen to pitching contest at Slush

    Chinese Sino Track- program chose Smart Water to a pitching contest, which is held at Slush side event. Sino Track helps international startups to accelerate growth in the Chinese markets. The chosen finalists have the greatest potential to make an impact in Chinese market. Smart Water is one of the ten startup finalists.

  • 16.10.2017
    Cleantech company cut its production time by a third

    Slamex, which is part of Econet Group, sped up the production times of its two products by a third. Lahti-based fabrication workshop achieved the result thanks to new lean production system and collaboration with Kemppi Oy.

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