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We are the Econet Group and we are on a mission. Why? Because everyone has the right for clean water.

We operate in the water and environmental sectors providing the best quality of planning, engineering and contracting services including electro-mechanical machinery deliveries.

We have a focus on countries which have growing need for basic infrastructure of water and wastewater treatment. We want to create sustainable local solutions together with our international partner organizations.

Today we operate global in over 80 countries. Our headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.


  • 29.08.2018
    Smart measurement is finally available

    New innovations will be created in all potential infrastructure fields, however, not in water management. According to Matti Leppäniemi, CEO of the Econet Group, the development of the water management sector has been left badly behind.

  • 30.11.2017
    Econet was chosen to pitching contest at Slush

    Chinese Sino Track- program chose Econet to a pitching contest, which is held at Slush side event. Sino Track helps international startups to accelerate growth in the Chinese markets. The chosen finalists have the greatest potential to make an impact in Chinese market.

  • 16.10.2017
    Cleantech company cut its production time by a third

    Slamex, which is part of Econet Group, sped up the production times of its two products by a third. Lahti-based fabrication workshop achieved the result thanks to new lean production system and collaboration with Kemppi Oy.

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