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We are the Econet Group and we are on a mission. Why? Because everyone has the right for clean water.

We operate in the water and environmental sectors providing the best quality of planning, engineering and contracting services including electro-mechanical machinery deliveries.

We have a focus on countries which have growing need for basic infrastructure of water and wastewater treatment. We want to create sustainable local solutions together with our international partner organizations.

Today we operate global in over 80 countries. Our headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.


  • 07.07.2017
    Econet Group wishes great summer

    Econet Ltd is on summer vacation until 14.7. Thus, answering to messages can be delayed during this period. In addition, the news room slows down on July. Dewaco Ltd. and Oy Slamex Ab are in reach for the whole summer. Have a great summer!

  • 07.07.2017
    Cleantech company doubles its turnover in China

    Econet Group, which is specialized in water sector, participated in the Business Delegation visit to China led by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. At the same time, Dewaco Ltd, a member of Econet Group, signed up three distribution agreements and one service agreement with Chinese companies. In addition, contracts for five equipment deliveries were signed. Dewaco's target is to double turnover in China this year with a new strategy.

  • 27.06.2017
    Does plastic stay in water systems forever?

    According to the estimations, 40 percent of the plastic waste ends up in seas. In kilograms the amount is approximately 4-12 millions of tons. The problem can feel distant to a Finn living surrounded by lakes, however, plastic and especially microplastics are a growing hazard in lakes and wastewater treatment. Small plastic pieces and microplastics are very hard to remove in wastewater treatment, and when they end up in the nature, they do not decompose, but accumulate in food chains.

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